Harmony Remote Controls - Why We Like Them.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three facts about people and home theater systems: 1. Nobody has ever looked in back of their TV and said "I wish I had more wires back here." 2. Nobody ever picked up an owner's manual and said "Gee, I wish there were more pages of instructions." 3. Nobody has ever looked at their coffee table and said "I wish I had another remote control to put here." Regarding number one -- ZVOX home theater systems use only one connecting cord and no speaker wires. Regarding number two, we have never sold a product with an owner's manual that exceeded one page. Regarding number three, we really like Harmony brand remotes because they allow us to consolidate the functions of a number of remotes in one unit that is easy to program. Let us repeat -- easy to program. You simply plug the Harmony remote into your PC with the supplied USB cord and go to the Harmony web site. There they walk you through a programming process -- you basically just enter the brand and model number of everything connected to your TV (ZVOX is listed under "amplifier"). When you're done the LCD display screen on the remote lights up and tells you what to do. Very slick. Harmony remotes aren't perfect -- sometimes they require more steps than is required, for example, by my FIOS remote. But they're pretty close to perfect. Nice feel, fit and finish. Powerful IR that works from far away and off-axis. And best of all, pretty simple. We like!
Here are a couple of places that offer good deals on Harmony remotes:
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