ZVOX Is Now Top-Selling Home Theater System At Imaginary Electronics Store, "The Buy More."

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little over a year ago we were pleasantly surprised when the folks who produce the NBC TV show Chuck asked us to supply ZVOX surround sound systems for use as props. Since then we've set our DVRs to record every episode, so we can slo-mo the scenes where you can see our stuff. We particularly like the episode where a "Buy More" clerk, fantasizing about the cute new "Nerd Herd" employee, starts making out with a ZVOX carton. 
When we started ZVOX in 2003, it was a challenge to get retailers -- real or fictional -- to take us seriously. They were so committed to the formula of "five speakers + subwoofer + receiver = big sale + happy customer" that they couldn't think "inside the box." Now when we approach retailers they seem to treat us like visionaries because we were pushing simple home theater before it was cool. And simple home theater is cool. Our new 575 IncrediBase system challenges the performance of a good five-speaker surround sound system -- but without all the boxes and wires.
We firmly believe that in a few more years, traditional 5.1 surround sound systems will be considered exotic -- something only hard core home theater buffs would buy. Sort of in the same category as vacuum tube amplifiers and expensive turntables for audiophiles.
The future of home theater sound...is simple.


Anonymous said...

I love the 550 in my bedroom setup, but I also love the truly immersive experience I get from the 5.1 speakers in my main system. Granted, the latter system requires a degree of attention and patience many people aren't willing to give, but is eminently rewarding when you do so.

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