3D TV, 3D Sound And 3D Marketing.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Several years ago goofy demonstrations of 3D television started showing up at the Consumer Electronics Show. They were goofy because all they did was highlight the (limited) capability of a technology that had no good content. We would walk by these silly displays without giving them a serious thought. But really decent 3D TVs from Samsung, Panasonic and others, as well as movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland -- and the floodburst of 3D titles that will soon hit us -- have changed all that.  3D TV is here, and it's probably here to stay.
Right now a good 3D TV is going to cost you more than $2,000, maybe a lot more. And then there are...the 3D glasses. Because the first generation of 3D TVs requires special electronic glasses that synch up with the TV via a Bluetooth connection. And the glasses cost about $150 a pair.
So let's do a "value equation." Let's say you buy the "small" Samsung 3D set (46") for $2,599.  Then at least two pair of 3D glasses, $300. BluRay player with 3D capability, $200. Total: $3,099. And what are you going to watch? Right now there is ONE 3D movie available in the correct format on a BluRay DVD (the children's movie Monsters vs. Aliens).  There should be between 50 and 100 available by the end of the year, including Avatar.
So if you're like us (and most of you are, we think), you're going to wait a bit before running out to buy a 3D TV. The good news is you can buy a ZVOX system today and get three-dimensional sound with your current DVDs and the 3D discs you buy in the future. We've been promoting our "room filling three-dimensional sound" for six years -- because our systems really do create sound with a sense of depth to it.
And unlike many of the "3D compatible" sound systems that are about to flood the market, we pay a lot of attention to old-fashioned concepts like...fidelity. Accurate tonal balance. Crystal-clear vocal reproduction. Dynamic bass.  We continue to believe that the number one criterion for choosing a sound system should be good sound -- not "3D compatibility,"


Bruce Emmert said...

I purchased the ZVOX 325 three years ago and I still love it! The price point was perfect for us. It does indeed fill the room will amazing sound. The only problem now is convincing my wife that we need the 575! Thank you for a great product.

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