True confession time...

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Until a couple weeks ago, I didn’t use a ZVOX as my main TV system. I had one downstairs in the den on the “kid’s TV”, and I had a Mini under my computer monitor. But upstairs on the big Toshiba in our living room we had a full-blown 5.1 surround sound system. Denon receiver, Cambridge SoundWorks tower speakers, center and rears, and a Velodyne powered subwoofer. We don’t watch a lot of movie these days but when we do, we really like to experience the “home theater” effect.

Anyway, we were recently rearranging our living room furniture and I started thinking how nice it would be to get those huge speakers out of there, not to mention the receiver with all the buttons and lights that was like a homing beacon to our newly mobile 8 month old. I thought my husband would resist but he surprised me by agreeing to give it a go. So, we packed up the speakers and receiver, took the rear speakers off the wall (yay!) and put a IncrediBase 575 under the Toshiba. I already knew the system sounded good but I had no idea how much nicer my room would look without all that extra equipment and speakers in it. It’s clean and neat and sounds great and there is nothing for the baby to mess with. Unless of course he gets his hands on the remote….

Bottom line? The 575 has successfully replaced our 5.1 surround sound system, without causing causing home theater withdrawal…even for my husband.

-Kate, ZVOX Audio Internet Marketing Manager


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