Installing The New Apple TV - A Love Story

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Thursday, October 14, 2010
We just installed our zippy new Apple TV system. Because the installer (me) is old and rather bone-headed, the installation (including re-registering a lapsed Neflix account) took about half an hour of fussing and running up and down stairs between office PC and living room TV. I'm pretty sure most people could get it up and running in 10 minutes or so.

After hookup and keying-in passwords, operation of the device is gloriously simple. Intuitive to a fault. Picture quality on my new Samsung LED-backlit 40" TV is excellent -- a powerful testimonial for the quality of a good 720P HD signal. Audio quality is also good.

This simple little $100 box gives me access to my entire I-Tunes audio and video libraries, plus it lets me watch YouTube and Netflix videos. For me, it's all about I-Tunes music and Netflix. My living room ZVOX 575 home theater system is now -- for the first time, really -- also my first floor audio system. The I-Tunes user interface, translated to my TV screen (or my iPhone, which can act as a remote for the Apple TV system) is simply great because it is simple. Simple good. Complicated bad.

In the past I've used Netflix on demand on my PC, but having the service available on my main TV changes the game. I was quickly bouncing from the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" to episodes I'd missed of "Archer" and "Better of Ted." This thing is fun!

But more than fun, it's simple. Sites like Gizmodo and Engadget tend to poo-poo the Apple TV because it's not 1080P and because other similar devices will do more. But the 720P picture I get is perfectly great -- and iTunes, Netlfix and Youtube are pretty much all I want. So Apple's remarkable simplicity and affordable price won me over....for now. But I may have to check out the recently-announced Sony BluRay player with built-in Google TV.


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