Sound Bar: Elegant Chicago Nightclub or Odd Home Theater Name?

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Friday, January 21, 2011
When we created the first ZVOX systems in 2003, there was nothing else like them. They didn't fit into an existing product category. We didn't know how to put a label on our products.
At first we called them "sound consoles." But that sounded pretty old-fashioned. Then we moved to "single-cabinet surround sound system" -- a real alliteration mouthful. We also tried "all-in-one home theater." But none of these caught on.
Because most competing products use a long, skinny bar-like speaker cabinet, somebody started calling them sound bars (or soundbars)...a name that people seem to like. So now ZVOX systems are commonly classified as sound bars -- even though most of our speakers are not at all bar-shaped. We tried to fight it, but we were outnumbered. So sound bar is the winning name for our product category -- even though the top Google ranking for sound bar is "an elegant Chicago night club."

Oh well.


Mike said...

Interesting. Like what the elders say. You need to go with the flow. Dance with the wind. And have fun with it! cable assemblies UK

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