Why Do Moms Like ZVOX Surround Sound Systems?

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Monday, April 25, 2011

I’ve worked in the consumer electronics industry for 15 years. I'm married and I'm the mother of four children.
When I started in the business, I worked on the sales floor for a chain of electronics stores -- where I learned a very important acronym:  “WAF."  Wife Acceptance Factor. Some products had it. Most didn't.
Back then, NO surround sound systems had high WAF. I saw many multi-speaker  home theater systems get returned because the wife said “no way.”  As a mom myself, I totally get it. It’s not that we don’t like good sound – we do. But we don't like speakers all over the room and wires on the floor -- or running up the walls. We don't like booming “movie-theater sound” that wakes up sleeping children.  And we don't like things that are so complicated they require a 96-page owner's manual.
At ZVOX we see very few systems returned due to bad WAF . One box, one connecting wire, one-page owners' manual, good sound…what's not to like?  But don’t take my word for it….Read some of the great reviews we’ve received from some Mom-Oriented blogs:
 -Kate, ZVOX Marketing Manager


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