Commercials Too Loud? How To Fix That.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Monday, November 21, 2011

Why is it that the most annoying commercials are also the loudest?
And why are they SO loud?
Yes, we know that there is legislation in the works to force broadcasters and cable providers to "turn down" all those loud commercials. But we'll believe it when we hear it.
In the mean time, the cool Output Leveling (OL) feature in our new ZVOX 555 and 580 sound bars pretty much takes care of the problem. It automatically recognizes that a commercial is too loud and turns it down so fast your ear can't tell what happened. It's also good for minimizing the sudden volume jumps so popular with many modern movies -- you know, when all of a sudden the music and surround sound effects get three times as loud as they need to be, just to get you "more involved" in the movie?
Output Leveling also deals with another issue -- Blu Ray DVD players that don't play loud enough.  Many of these new disc players seem to sacrifice overall volume level to improve dynamic range (the ability to go from soft sounds to loud sounds without distorting). The result is they just don't play very loud -- and our Output Leveling feature fixes that too, by pumping up the too-soft volume levels.
So if you don't like loud commercials, you can wait for our glorious legislators to force broadcasters what they should have been doing all along. Or you can buy a new ZVOX home theater system!


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