Don't Sell Your Old iPhone -- Use It To Create A Music System!

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I recently succumbed to the marketing and got an iPhone 4S, despite the fact that my iPhone 3G still works fine. I considered selling the 3G on Ebay, but instead I used it to create a very cool stand-alone music system in the "no television allowed" living room of our Santa Fe home. I put the iPhone in a little $30 docking station and connected it to a ZVOX 580 surround sound speaker system. The result is fantastic!  I've got hundreds of songs on the iPhone, plus it uses my wifi network to access Pandora. The iPod dock's remote control let's me skip around without getting out of my chair. And the thing sounds incredible. And because the 580 sound bar has such a low profile, most people don't even notice the system -- event though it has five speakers and two powered subwoofers.
Some recycling projects are more fun than others.


Photographer said...

I use this system every day with my Ipod touch and it is A-mazing! It has made my old audio equiptment that I spent $1000's on obsolete. It is a must in every home.

Anonymous said...

Now if the ZVOX unit had a USB port (even just for power) then it would be even cleaner.
If you guys could make something similar to the Audioengine 5+ you could sell a few more units I think.
Or better yet put an ac plug on the back to allow an accessory to be powered.

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