Posted by Tom Hannaher , Saturday, November 17, 2012
The blog entry below was submitted to us by an 83 year old hearing-impaired customer who just received his ZVOX 580...

Better still, let me tell you why I am eternally grateful to the creators of the ZVOX 580.

I am an active and healthy eighty-three year old citizen who suddenly lost a significant amount of hearing in both ears.  Suddenly, I was made made aware of how much I took for granted and took advantage of my good hearing.  Think about it. 

Most creatures, men and women, rely on their hearing in all sorts of unconscious ways. Conversations start when, through our senses, especially our hearing, we are made aware of others.  My ability in this realm is now diminished.

Experienced drivers routinely get into their automobiles, and while driving, unconsciously sense sounds that say, “You are ok, car. I don’t hear any problems.” I cannot do that now. The list can go on regarding our unconscious dependence on hearing. 

However, one of the most awkward and frustrating set of activities involves use of the television. Most individuals take for granted that their ears are telling them that the TV volume is set at the appropriate level for all within ear-shot.  I cannot do that now. Most individuals can hear movie and other dialogue without a struggle.  I cannot do that now.

Accordingly, I began to search the internet for help.  I first decided to buy an ear-bud/amplifier system made by a fine German company.  Fortunately, my daughter who is a music teacher cautioned me to seek something that did not isolate me from other sounds in the world around me.Then I discovered reviews and descriptions of the ZVOX systems, and purchased the Model 580.  Within fifteen minutes after its arrival at my door, it was installed.  Within another few minutes, my remote was educated to control the basics of the 580.

And then, the miracle bagan to happen, not only for me, but also for my wife who has been putting up with my need for uncomfortable TV volumes. We turned on a movie as our first test, and, truly, experienced great joy with what we heard.  The overall sounds were full.  The low frequencies were true to life.  Most of all, the dialogue, my movie nemesis in recent weeks, was now superbly clear.

 WHAT A REMARKABLE BOX! It is hard to imagine the greatness that comes out of such a simple exterior.  The men who created this system should receive accolades for their creativity.  They certainly are offered our gratitude for what they have given to the world.


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