How ZVOX Invented the Soundbar.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In 2003 ZVOX was one of two companies that introduced an all-in-one-cabinet surround sound system – now often called “sound bars.”* And we were the very first company to introduce a “SoundBase” style system – that allows you to place your TV on top of the speaker cabinet.
When  we introduced the first ZVOX system, customers really liked our combination of quality sound, simple design and affordable price.  We sold lots of systems directly to people via our web site.
But most retail stores really didn’t like the concept. I remember demonstrating the ZVOX 315 to a Manhattan dealer in early 2004. The owner liked it until I told him that it sold for $200…and required absolutely no “installation labor.” They were busy selling $2,000-$5,000 surround sound systems, and couldn’t be bothered with a product with such low price point.
But by 2008 things had changed. Flat panel TVs that used to sell for $3,000 now sold for $800. And NOBODY was buying $2,000 surround sound systems for their $800 TVs.
2008 was also the year we introduced our first low-profile SoundBase™ style system – the ZVOX 550…a product that truly changed the face of surround sound. Since 2008 a lot of dealers have changed their minds about ZVOX, and our sales have grown by a factor of ten. And other companies have started to imitate us.
Now just because we created this product category, doesn’t mean our products are better. But guess what – they really are better.
Don’t believe us. Read the reviews, compare features and benefits…then try a ZVOX in your own home for 30 days. You’ll find out why so many companies are trying to imitate us.   

* Note: the second company no longer makes them.


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