Elevate Your Gaming to the Next Level

Posted by Joe Hannaher , Friday, January 25, 2013

A good sound system can elevate your gaming experience to a new level of immersion. 

Modern video games have state of the art sound effects and processing. If you are listening to your games through your TV speakers you are not taking advantage of the game’s potential. Having a good sound system is just as critical as a high definition TV. Without a high definition TV you are not taking advantage of your game’s graphical power. Without a good sound system you are getting a stripped down version of your game's audio.

 A good sound system will bring your games to life. My favorite games are Halo® 4 and Black Ops 2™. My first time experiencing a Halo game with a great sound system floored me. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating like a chimp. The enhanced sound brought the game’s intensity to a whole new level. Explosions sound so real that they will literally make you jump out of your seat. Bullets seem to fly around your living room. When your engine roars you can feel the bass rumble below your feet. Sound effects in modern games are just incredible. But the only way for you to take advantage of the wonderful things developers are doing is to listen with a quality surround sound system.  Not only will the intensity of your games get cranked up to 11. You will also bring out the subtleties of your game's environments. From the sound of grass swaying in the breeze or a flock of birds overhead, a good sound system will make your games teem with life.  The enhanced realism draws you into the game and makes the experience more personal and memorable. 

Even though sound is such a critical component to games, the majority of gamers still listen through their TV speakers. This is because traditional surround sound systems are complicated, bulky and expensive. ZVOX sound bars (or SoundBases) offer an easy and sleek solution. Everything you need for stellar gaming sound is in one low profile cabinet that can fit under your TV. ZVOX systems are super simple to connect to your TV with just one cable. No receiver or additional components are needed. Since the ZVOX is all in one system there is no need to run wires for speakers or hide a subwoofer. 

ZVOX systems offer amazing virtual surround sound and deep bass that will instantaneously transform your gaming experience.  I would encourage any gamer to try a ZVOX system free for 30 days. Experience it in your own home and bring your gaming to the next level. You will finally hear your games as the developers intended. You will be amazed at what you have been missing.
® Halo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Black Ops 2 is a trademark of Activision Publishing.


Quyen said...

One of our daughter's christmas gifts: Just Dance 4 and a disco ball. With ZVOX and our Wii, the living room transformed into her own disco!

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