How Technology Makes It Easier To Watch Downton Abbey

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Monday, January 14, 2013

I admit it. I am hooked on a soap opera.
Granny, Lady Mary, O’Brien, Bates…even Thomas…I like the whole lot of them. But Downton Abbey has a drawback. It is recorded in a foreign language – “British” (as opposed to English) – and sometimes I can’t understand those delightfully spiteful whispered conversations.
That’s why I use the DE (Dialog Emphasis) feature of my ZVOX 555 whenever I watch Downton. It adds a degree of clarity to the dialog that makes conversations much easier to understand. It’s almost as if the feature translates British into English. We don’t know of any other sound bar or home theater system that can perform this miracle of intelligibility.
I must confess that my age (61) and the fact that I spent a lot of time recording rock and blues bands in the ‘70s has left my hearing a little impaired. So I find that the Dialog Emphasis features gets used on programs other than Downton Abbey. Unless I’m watching a movie or a concert video, I tend to leave it on all the time.
Try it. You’ll like it.


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