Are commercials too loud? Keep CALM, Act!

Posted by Doug Webber , Thursday, February 21, 2013

The first thing most customers notice when they first listen to their new ZVOX Audio system is the varying difference in volume levels between TV stations, broadcasts and commercials.
Because the internal TV speakers are usually inherently poor sounding to begin with, the TV manufacturers need to compress that audio signal to such a high degree, just so you’ll be able to hear the quiet portions of the broadcast through the TV speakers. When you then add a quality audio system to your TV, you then notice all of the varying volume levels, most notably, the commercials being too loud.
Effective December 13, 2012, the FCC's rules mandate television commercial advertisements to have the same average volume as the programs that they accompany. The FCC established these rules to comply with the directive of Congress contained in the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act.
The FCC gives you the opportunity to register a complaint either online, fax, mail or by phone. The instructions for doing so can be found at the link below:
We suggest registering your complaint with the FCC since they do rely on consumer feedback to determine whom they should be investigating. When enough people complain to the FCC, then broadcasters will start being held accountable for complying with this new FCC rule.


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