The Most Important Sound Bar Feature? Musical Accuracy.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Friday, February 15, 2013

Most companies that make home theater sound systems – or “sound bars” – seem to focus their efforts and reproducing movie sound effects. Car explosions, jet plane fly-overs, shotguns killing zombies…that sort of stuff. But frankly, anybody can design a sound system that recreates jet plane noises. Reproducing music so that it sounds real -- especially a well-recorded vocalist -- is a much more difficult task.
That's why we spend money on things like wood cabinets and high quality speaker drivers -- instead of a bunch of "features" that don't make the system sound any better. It's why we spend what seems like an eternity “voicing” our sound systems – tweaking subtle variations to make acoustic instruments and the human voice sound realistic. Once that’s done, the explosion part is easy. 

What The Critics Say About ZVOX Systems:
  • “Superior to most we’ve tested.” – CNET
  • “The best I’ve heard. Knockout sound.” - MSNBC
  • “Blows away the sound built into your TV.” - NBC’s Today Show
  • “Creates a sonic dance.” The New York Times
  • “Bigger audio dynamite.” The Wall St. Journal
  • “Remarkably ingenious.” - Sound & Vision
  • “A genuine audiophile-quality system.” Stereophile
  • “Best Buy.” – Consumers Digest
  • “Impressive sound without the clutter.” - TV Guide
  • “I was wowed by the room-filling sound.” Chicago Tribune
  • “A single-box audio powerhouse.” – Men’s Journal
  • “Shockingly good.” - Home Entertainment Magazine
  • “Unmatched sound quality for the price.” Macworld
  • “Inspires sincere gadget lust.” – PC World Magazine
  • “Better than some home theaters.” - Chicago Tribune
  • “The simplest possible solution with the best sound.” - Home Theater Magazine
  • “Rich, balanced and clear.” Boston Globe
  • “Big balanced sound.” – Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • “Awesome sound.” - Spike TV
  • “Big, full dynamic sound.” Ultimate AV
  • “Surpisingly powerful.” - E-Gear
  • “Performance in a box this small should be impossible. It’s not.” - Audio Video Revolution
  • “Easily rivals expensive 5.1 bundles.” - Electronic Gaming Monthly
  • “Remarkable. We’re amazed.” Maximum PC
  • “Accurate and detailed.” Audioholics


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