Dialogue Emphasis: an unexpected benefit.

Posted by Doug Webber , Thursday, September 12, 2013

A few years ago we came out with a new feature called Dialogue Emphasis in response to many customer comments. Customers who were somewhat hard of hearing or had to wear permanent hearing aids would call and email us stating that they absolutely loved our systems, but there were still points in the TV show, movie or sporting event where the background music or special effects would overwhelm the spoken dialogue to such a degree, that it would make it unintelligible for them.

Since its inception, Dialogue Emphasis has helped many people hear the dialogue in their TV shows, movies and sporting events more clearly than ever before. Our hard of hearing customers would call and email us to express how happy they were now that vocal intelligibility was restored to their favorite programming.

Later we started getting people with perfectly normal hearing calling and writing to us stating that they too really enjoyed Dialogue Emphasis, except they were using it in a way which we had not intended.

Since Dialogue Emphasis greatly amplifies everything within the range of the human voice and also reduces the background soundtrack and effects, it makes the perfect ‘midnight mode’ listening level for people wanting to hear their TV audio, but not disturb anyone who may be sleeping nearby. Customers would turn down the volume on their ZVOX system, then turn on the Dialogue Emphasis feature, and this would allow them to clearly hear the dialogue at a low volume level without disturbing anyone else in the adjoining room.

We were happy to hear that people with normal hearing were also benefitting from the Dialogue Emphasis feature, even though we hadn’t planned on that. It was just one of those happy accidents where we initially wanted to address a specific customer problem and ended up solving another one that we did not even consider as well.  


John Mobley said...

I have found one BIG advantage of Dialog Emphasis is its ability to make accents and dialects much more understandable. Try it. You can understand strong British accents without having to turn up the volume!

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