News of $13,000 Curved Screen TV Makes Us Think Of Henry Kloss, Then Smile

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, April 30, 2013
The big news in TV land last week was that LG is introducing a 55" OLED TV with a curved screen. Price tag, $13,500. It made me think of my 1972 trip to 195 Albany Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when I got a demo of the Advent VideoBeam 1000 -- an 84" TV with a curved screen.  Price tag, $3,000.
At this point in time, to think that Henry Kloss had developed such a product before cable TV...before the VCR...is simply shocking. What was he thinking?!
Those early Advent TVs became the basis for the world's first home theater systems. And they laid the groundwork for millions of large-screen TVs to follow. Like several other products Henry created (first acoustic suspension loudspeaker...first high fidelity table radio...first cassette deck with Dolby noise reduction...first "suitcase stereo"), those wonderfully weird TVs really did change the world.
And Henry changed a lot of people, including me. Which makes me smile.
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