Small, Simple, Great. The Model 88 Radio by Henry Kloss.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When Henry Kloss designed the Model 88 table radio, he proved to the world that a high quality sound system – complete with powered subwoofer – could be built into a single, compact cabinet. The Model 88 was simple, small, affordable and just plain great. People were amazed that something so small could sound fantastic. No roomful of speakers. No rats nest of wires.
The Model 88 was one of the things that inspired us to re-think the basics of home theater design. It made us question the idea that a surround sound system had to include five speaker boxes, a powered subwoofer on the floor, and a bushel of wires. That re-thinking created two new product categories -- the sound bar and the SoundBase -- and a new company, ZVOX. And for that, we thank you Henry.
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