ZVOX - More Than Just a TV Speaker

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Thursday, May 1, 2014

I’m the only ZVOX employee who doesn’t own a TV. But I still own and love my ZVOX.  It suits my audio needs perfectly, by being exclusively used to play music!

Let’s face it, nobody wants a compressed “boom-box” sound as their primary home audio system.
And many people cannot handle - nor do they want to deal with - the complexity, clutter, and cost of a true 5.1 surround sound setup. The ZVOX is an elegant compromise between those two categories. You have the simplicity of a boom-box, combined with a wider sound stage, and a much wider range of audio frequencies.

In my home, I have an iPOD, a laptop, and a record player all connected to the ZVOX simultaneously. The input selection prevents all the audio sources from playing at the same time. Easy to use, and highly functional - I really couldn’t be happier with the setup.

Since it’s primarily marketed toward replacing TV speakers, most folks don’t think of a ZVOX as a "computer speaker" or audio system. But when compared to most typical computer speakers on the market, one will quickly find the ZVOX is worlds better in sound quality. It exceeds aesthetically as well - the SoundBase220 looks like it practically belongs under a computer monitor.

I really encourage folks to consider connecting more than just their television to their ZVOX. Any active headphone output can be connected to the ZVOX speaker for a fantastic listening experience.

PS – Turn your TV off every once in awhile and listen to music instead!

-Matt, Audio Expert at ZVOX


Lyman123 said...

I'm with you bro! I use my ZVOX to listen to Pandora, TuneIn and my local recordings through my Roku.

Great for doing chores around the house when I can't stop to watch, but I want to listen while walking around.

Anonymous said...

What are the optimal settings for using the 220 for music playback?

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