The Right Pandora Stations: A Moving Target?

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, April 29, 2014
I can't remember the last time I played a music CD because I wanted to listen to music. In fact, I rarely use my iPhone or my iTunes library for "fun listening," though I do use my phone to demonstrate ZVOX home theater systems...because I have specific demo material that I'm comfortable with.
But when I just want to listen to music, I use Pandora. I love how Pandora clicks onto my music listening mood, and then feeds me great choices all day or all night long. The trick is to pick the right "station" with which to get Pandora started. I've talked to several ZVOX employees about this, and we agree that the right Pandora station is a moving target -- because Pandora seems to change the algorithm of how it chooses cuts.
For example, the Little Feat station has been a favorite of mine for years, shuffling off one great song after another. But the last three times I've tried it, that station has really sucked. The last time I tried it, I didn't last more than three songs, then switched the The Band/Bob Dylan...and soon became mired in some boring '60s protest music.
Finally I switched to the Rolling Stones channel and was blown away by how great it was. I think it went over two hours without having to hit the "skip" button once.
So hey, Pandora dudes, please don't screw around with the Rolling Stones channel for at least a couple of weeks, ok?

P.S.  Give in. Pay Pandora their pittance to make the commercials go away. Totally worth it.

Study Reveals Link Between Hearing Impairment and Depression…We’ve Known That For Years!

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Medical News Today recently reported that people with hearing impairment are more likely to experience depression. Frankly, this is not news to many of us. Just sit in a room with an elderly relative watching TV and it won’t take long to observe the crankiness that comes with not being able to understand what people are saying.
The poor sound quality of modern ultra-thin TVs does nothing to help the equation. In fact we think TV speakers are truly depressing.
The good news is that the DE (Dialog Emphasis) feature in ZVOX systems really does help people with hearing impairment. DE – also known as AccuVoice™ – uses hearing aid technology to makes voices super-clear and understandable…and has been known to reduce crankiness.  
Read more about DE here:  ZVOX Dialog Emphasis Feature
Read the Medical News Today article here:  Article Linking Hearing Impairment to Depression
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