My Sound Bar Needs A Wireless Subwoofer, Right?

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Not necessarily.
Yes, good bass plays a very important role in TV sound. Without accurate bass, movies sound tinny and football games sound like nobody showed up.
But a well-designed sound bar or SoundBase® can produce remarkable bass without the use of an external subwoofer. It’s not easy, and requires quality long-excursion bass speakers, good amplifiers, fine-tuned equalization and, above all, an experienced speaker designer.
Jarl Salmela, ZVOX’s VP of Product Development and our chief engineer, has over 25 years of experience in designing amplified speaker systems. His latest designs, the ZVOX Platinum Series SoundBase systems, deliver startling amounts of clean bass from 3” thick cabinets – some of which hold up to three built-in powered subwoofers. (The Platinum 670 and 770 models both deliver clean bass down to a remarkable 34 Hz.)
What are the benefits of a home theater system without an external subwoofer?  Setup is simpler.  Your TV room is less cluttered. And it saves money – two cabinets, two power supplies, two power cords, bigger shipping cartons, higher shipping expenses…these all add up. All things being equal, you can get better sound for less money from a single-cabinet home theater system.

ZVOX isn’t the only company that has designed quality home theater systems that don’t rely on external subwoofers, but we’ve designed more of them than anyone else.  We created the category of the single-cabinet home theater system – whether it be a sound bar or a SoundBase. And so far, that’s all we make. That’s because we really like how they turn out.
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