Why You Should Have Fully Inflated Sound For The Big Game.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Are you old enough to remember the tinny-sounding metal-cabinet speakers they used at drive-in movies?  Remember how horrible they sounded?
It was ironic that the biggest movie screens had the worst sound systems. Kind of like driving a Porsche 911 with bald, bargain-basement tires.
Even more ironic is that you’re about to watch the biggest football game of the year on a TV with a gorgeous big picture – and sound that is almost exactly as good as those drive-in movie speakers. Yes, lurking in that giant TV are two itsy bitsy tiny little speakers that are aimed at your floor. If you like your football games sounding deflated, those little speakers are great. But for fully inflated audio, you need to add a sound system.
Can’t afford a good sound system?  Hook up some old computer speakers to your TV.  Or that old stereo system that’s gathering dust in your basement. Heck, even a cheap boombox will sound 100% better than your TV speakers.

If you have a good budget and don’t mind complexity, you can buy a component 5.1 system. But if you’re careful with your money, and you hate wires and complication, order a ZVOX SoundBase home theater system. Great sound. One cabinet. One wire. One page owner’s manual. And we’ll give you 60 days to try it out in your own home.


Anonymous said...

Clever well-timed post, thank you. :)

Anonymous said...


60 days trial sounds pretty good.

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