The Downside of Headphones - Hearing Loss In Young People

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Friday, May 29, 2015
Hearing impairment is for old people, right? Well, yes and no. While virtually everyone over the age of 55 has some degree of hearing impairment, more and more young people are now starting to lose their hearing -- because of headphone abuse. Surveys say that over a billion teenagers worldwide now have hearing issues! WHO article on teenage hearing loss
Abuse may be too strong a word, maybe not. The formula is pretty simple: every hour you spend listening to loud music (or loud anything) contributes to the eventual decline of your hearing. And now that cool headphones are a status symbol among the young, they're listening a lot -- so it's hurting them a lot.
The World Health Organization recommends limiting use of headphones to one hour per day. If you, or your kids, are spending more time than that with your headphone listening, you are speeding the decline of your hearing.
Personally I like listening to music without headphones, through good speakers. I have two ZVOX home theater systems in my small (1400 sq ft) home -- and I can hear one or the other of them from any room in my house. We pay for the Pandora premium service which sounds pretty good, and constantly surprises us with great music selections.
And when I watch TV, because I'm over 60 and went to my first Who concert in 1966, I always use the ZVOX AccuVoice(R) feature because it makes TV vocals so clear and understandable.


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