How Does A $250 ZVOX Win A Shootout A Big-Name Sound Bar? The Answer Is…Sound Quality.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Monday, October 12, 2015
A while back Ecoustics.com, a major web site dedicated to high quality sound, published a shootout comparing a top-selling Vizio sound bar with our SoundBase® 350. They said, “The ZVOX is unbelievably detailed, and it has the unique ability to sound bigger than it is.. it can make sound appear from different places in your room. It’s quite amazing…The VIZIO has none of this. Both are an incredible value, and a worthy upgrade to any TV. I’d take the ZVOX 350 in this head-to-head test, mainly because it sounds more detailed for both music and TV.”
So why do ZVOX systems sound better than cool looking systems from big brands? It’s simple. We are a HIFi company, staffed by HIFI people. We’ve been designing and making high fidelity speaker systems for decades, training under the genius-pioneers of our industry – including Henry Koss (AR, KLH, Advent, Cambridge
SoundWorks), Winslow Burhoe (AR, EPI) and Godehard Guenther (ADS, Jawbone). That’s why we use real wood (MDF) cabinets and real woofers. That’s why we fuss and fiddle and fine-tune till the cows come home – to make sure the final product sounds great…on TV shows, movies or music.
And while it’s true that you can buy a sound bar from one of the “big names” for $200…or $150…or even $100, we don’t think you should. Because they are not HIFI companies. They are not staffed by HIFI people. And they don’t fuss and fiddle and fine-tune till the cows come home. Mostly they’re TV companies who jumped on the “sound bar bandwagon” because they already had big distribution networks in place.
So remember. Your TV sound system should last you 10-20 years. Spend a little extra and get a good one. Get a ZVOX.


Anonymous said...

I bought the Sounder 570. I have an old TV and the people from ZVOC helped ensure me that their system would work with the 570 and helped me find the right connection to get good digital sound. The instructions are very detailed with plenty of photos and their ZVOX system is extremely easy to connect up to the TV. When I tuned in to a channel that was showing a vilolin concert and had stereo output, the sound was better than most Hi Fi stereo systems.

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