New Google Chromecast Audio Device May Change The Audio Landscape

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Friday, October 2, 2015
We took delivery yesterday of one of the very first Chromecast Audio units sold, and we've been testing it for the last 24 hours. It allows us to play Pandora, Spotify or a variety of streaming audio services -- or access our entire library of downloaded music via Google Play Music -- with excellent fidelity (much better than Bluetooth). We can't wait for the software upgrade that will allow multi-room simultaneous streaming. Only 2" in diameter, it disappears. And the price tag of $34.95 is exactly 90% less than its well-known competitor!
We've struggled with the options for networked audio -- and we've resisted adding any of them to our systems because a) the development costs are high and b) it's likely that a year after you build something in to thousands of systems, it becomes obsolete.
So the appearance of an affordable, tiny,
external, smart (re-programmable via the internet for constant updates) is an ideal solution -- for ZVOX owners, or anyone who's already invested in a good audio system they like. Now you can wave a magic wand over that system and, voila, it's a smart networked audio system. Ain't life grand?


JEM said...

Looks exciting addition to me zvox. Please discuss how it connects to the zvox and internet.

Anonymous said...

A little bit of a nitpick, but the photo depicts a new Chromecast, not the new Chromecast Audio.

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