Chromecast Audio Multi-Room Functionality Is Here...And It Rocks!

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Friday, December 11, 2015
We just tested the new multi-room capability of the Chromecast Audio system, and it is good. Really good. Perfect synch with three rooms. Easy setup. High quality sound. Party time at ZVOX headquarters! (Now all we have to do is get Stacy to stop playing Journey!) You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars per music system to create a high fidelity multi-room network. $35 does it. Just download the new Chromecast app that became available yesterday. Besides adding multi-room capability, the new software also enables very high bit-rate transfer -- 96 kHz/24 bit lossless audio playback for better-than-CD-quality sound. 


Lyman Phillips said...

I agree with this synopsis whole heartedly. I just set up a couple of Chromecast Audios - one on my ZVOX 555 in the bedroom and one on an old Cambridge Soundworks table radio in the kitchen. It was great to have the same music in both ends of the house a I was running back and forth doing chores. It was even better when I had a podcast streaming.

When I was watching a video podcast, I was able to stream it through my Chrome browser (after installing the Chromecast browser extension), so I didn't miss any of the audio as I went back and forth.

The experience of whole-house audio was eye-opening. Since I have all of my music digitized, I can fill the entire house with music.

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