How Do You Make a Better Sound Bar? Make It Aluminum.

Posted by Tom Hannaher , Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Virtually all sound bars are made out of plastic – because plastic is affordable, and it’s easy to make it into cool, curvy shapes.
But plastic is not the best material for a speaker cabinet. Virtually all “high end” speakers use cabinets made of wood (MDF) or aluminum. Both materials cost a lot more than plastic, but pay dividends in sound quality.
Our new aluminum sound bars are a case in point. The strong, low-resonance cabinets use very thin walls – which allows for a large interior volume (required for good bass response), without resulting in a big, bulky, railroad-tie-size cabinet. Slightly under 3” thick (3.3” when you add wall-mount attachments and endcaps), the SB500 and SB400 look slim and stylish. They look “just right” when mounted under a modern, super-thin TV.
Yet the sound they produce is amazing…big, open, natural sound with seemingly impossible bass. (More than once, we’ve seen people looking around for a “hidden” subwoofer that doesn’t exist.)

Yes, most sound bars sell for less. But this is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. Before you buy anything else, listen to a ZVOX sound bar (when you buy direct from us we give you a 60 day home trial). And remember, good sound never goes out of style. 15 years and four TVs from now, your ZVOX sound bar will still sound great, and look great. Which is why it’s a great investment. Your ears deserve it.


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